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Pushing Dreams (2012)


Welcome to the lives of Lance, Francisco, & Justine who all hail from the Bronx. These three friends who each reach a state of hopelessness in the work and home environments and decide to focus on a achieving a goal together. The goal is to become independent filmmakers. The pilot is cut into 6 webisodes. (starring Flaco Navaja, Caridad De La Luz, Victor Cruz, Selenis Leyva, Diane Guerrero, Luis Antonio Ramos, Karina OrtizLisann Valentin, and more).

Lance (Flaco Navaja) & Cisco (Victor Cruz) cheer up Justine (Caridad De La Luz) after a meltdown at a radio station.


Flaco Navaja as Lance
Caridad De La Luz as Justine
Victor Cruz as Francisco
Luis Antonio Ramos as Lorenzo
Johnnie Mae as Mrs. Jenkins
Selenis Leyva as Nelly
Diane Guerrero as Lynette
Karina Ortiz as Madeline
Allen Holloway as Eric
Crystal T. Williams as Karen
Gabriel Sloyer as Gary
Lisann Valentín as Carla
Kareem Savinon as Miguel
John Reese as Jamal
Massiel Mordan as Ms. Garcia
Plinio Villablanca as Justin
Maylin Castro as Denise
Amanda DeBraux as _Ms. Cherry__edited
Monica Walter Palmieri as Nancy
Iliana Guibert-Mcginnis as Teresa
Giovanni Olivera as Pagano
Chandra Thomas as Crystal
Liza Galletti-Ramirez as DJ L-Boogz_
Jaime Santana Jr. as Adam
Greyci Gonzalez as Melissa
Franceli Chapman as Eden
Dominic Colon as O'Leary
Dennis Brito as Nicolai
Angela Cove as Beatriz
Elliot "Lee" Cowart as Tin
Alexandra Gutierrez as Sara
Bobby DeJesus as Andrew
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