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"LA SANTERA" is a supernatural horror set in the Bronx that follows Carmen De La Paz, a former Santería priestess and now a devout Pentecostal, who's trapped in a church with her granddaughter and six congregants by a demon-spirit looking to collect on an overdue debt.

*2013 - 2nd Round Sundance Screenwriter's Lab

*2014 - Optioned by SimonSays Entertainment

*2019 - 2nd Round Sundance Screenwriter's Lab

*2020 - Completion of latest draft 

"PHENOM" tells the story of Robbie, a former baseball prodigy, who returns home to the Bronx and struggles to make amends with his terminally ill father, years after a physical confrontation between the two side-tracked his once promising major league career.

*2019 - Semifinalist in the 6th Annual Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship

"SILENCE THE EVIL" follows Alvaro, a middle-aged Bronx homicide detective, mourning the loss of his wife and son, finds redemption in the form of a serial killer he is forced to track down with the help of a psychic medium. 

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