HollyHood Productions, Inc. 

The Mission


HollyHood Productions is a movement. One that is grounded in the belief that despite all the evidence to the contrary, a team of underprivileged but focused Latino filmmakers from The Bronx can rise up and flourish in a market where good

films are rewarded for their originality, their characters, and

their authenticity.

We understand that film is a collection of all art forms, and when executed

with respect for each craft, it has the ability to make us hope and

dream, laugh and cry, and sometimes, in those rare and magical

times, it makes us do so all at once.

We use the word "Hood," not only as a play on words in regards to our Tinseltown aspirations, but as a reminder of where we come from, the neighborhoods and

the projects we grew up in, and the struggle it took to get us to where

we are today. We use it to guide us through the battles we must

endure to get to where we are going tomorrow.

We consider ourselves fortunate to be surrounded with such an immense wealth of talent both inside the New York City area and beyond - actors, make-up

artists, directors of photography, sound engineers, and musicians,

all of whom share the same love of film that propels us in the

face of adversity to push forward, knowing that the lessons

learned will make us better equipped, not only as

professionals, but as human beings.

We are grateful to anyone who has watched and supported our films and who has encouraged us to follow our passions. It is because of them that we

dream, that we hope, and most importantly that we believe!

As we channel this into our films, we hope it translates into what you see on screen, so that every film and every scene is a "thank you" in and of

itself. We promise that you will never see anything less than our

best, and at times even if you do not agree with our views,

we hope that our films will at least help you to

understand them, where we come from,

and who we are.

HollyHood forever, until then - FADE OUT.



The Overview

HollyHood Productions, Inc. is an independent Bronx film production company, founded in 2003 by Adel L. Morales, Julio Antonio Toro, and Frankie Villanueva. Initially, they cut their teeth working on "TakeOver T.V.", their public-access variety show on BronxNet.  They have won several awards for their various short films. Their latest project is Adel's NYU Thesis feature film, titled "Release" starring Ian Paola and Priscilla Star Diaz. HollyHood is submitting it to festivals now circuit. HollyHood has several features and TV pilots written and ready to go. Two of HollyHood's most heralded feature scripts, an urban horror, "La Santera" and an urban drama, "Phenom," are being submitted to contests, now.  


Client List coming soon

Here are some of our clients.


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